Crystal Concepts Weddings is a destination wedding planning company which provides a range of services carefully adapted to the needs of couples and families who likes to have a dream wedding in Turkey and beyond.

We believe that the secret of success in wedding planning is finding the right solutions for different circumstances and expectations, and we professionally supply hands-on support from the very beginning to the end.

Our enthusiasm and time for you is boundless.
We strongly believe we can offer help, inspiration and realistic advice on any aspect of your special day, from creating a truly memorable wedding with a theme to sourcing different services for this very special day.

You may already have a vision for your dream day, but if not we will find it together. We base our designs on your vision infused with our expertise. Taking time to focus on your ideas and how to package them in the best possible way is our target.

  • Turkey offers magnificent corners where you will do your dream wedding , either in a palace of the Sultans in Istanbul, or in a romantic greenland overlooking at the Bosphorus , or in the turquoise beaches of Antalya or Bodrum.

    Destination and Venues Management

  • We create the theme and the style of the weddings. Desired concepts will be designed in a harmony including invitations, stationery, decoration , florals as well as table set up to clothing, wedding booths and bride ways .

    Inspiration , Design and Styling Services

  • Every member of your family and every guest invited will be welcomed by professional and presentable team of hosts to ensure reflecting your warmest welcome . We also provide accommodation and concierge services for your guests from abroad and other cities .

    Hospitality Management

  • We recommend and supply the coordination with the vendors of your choice for various cuisines to make food and beverage service a part of the show that will give pleasure both for your tastes and eyes .

    Food & Beverages Management

  • Crystal Concepts offer a suite of choices for your pleasure and delight . Not only music , but different types of live performances in all cultures exist in our portfolio to be offered to your selection. Your wedding day will surely be an outstanding experience for your guests.

    Entertainment Services and Management

  • A photo of a single moment could be priceless. Highly professional photographers expertise in weddings will be recommended to keep your very special day lifetime memorable. Also a team of digital experts will be provided from very beginning to the very end of the party day for your digital shootings including live broadcasts, HD editings even for your digital portfolios.

    Photo and Video Shooting Services

  • Different cultures have different ways of greeting the Bride and the Groom into the wedding venue. We provide amazing alternatives such as royal horse carriage or antique cars or a traditional boat. We also provide all logistics services four guests who arrive from different places and accomodate temporarily in the destination.

    Transportation Services

  • There is not such a relief as being in a well designed honeymoon trip after a glamorous wedding party. Crystal DMC offers wide range of selections in and beyond Turkey . Romance will start in your honeymoon trip.

    Honeymoon Planning and Management Services

  • Crystal Concepts will offer you tips on planning for your pre-wedding shoot, in any destination in Turkey. Shooting on location with couples in love against the natural beauties or ancient remainders of Turkey such as in Cappadocia fairy chimneys , Cotton Steps of Hierapolis and Ephesus of Symirna and of course in Istanbul, the mosaic city of cultures are unique destinations will wow your wedding photos.

    Pre wedding Photo Shooting

  • "Weddings are important because they celebrate life and possibility."

    Anne Hathaway

  • "I'd imagine my wedding as a fairy tale... huge, beautiful and white."

    Paris Hilton

  • "I want to be a simple bride when I get married. I want a beach wedding where I am running around on the sand in a white dress."

    Sonakshi Sinha

  • "I think a lot of people who feel as though they desperately want to be married oftentimes simply desperately want to have a wedding."

    Elizabeth Gilbert

  • "I think a lot of people get so obsessed with the wedding and the expense of the wedding that they miss out on what the real purpose is. It's not about a production number, it's about a meaningful moment between two people that's witnessed by people that they actually really know and care about."

    Jane Seymour

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